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Many people thinks confidence is just about removing doubts from themselves. Yeah ! Agreed ! but it doesn't help much if you don't keep some important facts in your mind.

We as lifydo, do not write articles based on any theories or "So Called Science", we write based on facts, facts that force to think. Because theories doesn't have experience but facts have. They comes from your daily life. The issues you faced, are your daily life problems but facts are those solutions which helps to overcome those issues, without even changing your lifestyle.
Hurry !! That made us lifydo.

Now before you came to know How to inhale Confidence, you must understand What is Confidence and why it is important. Yeah ! yeah ! i can understand you must be knowing it, that's why you are here.

Everybody told us, "You want to Succeed ?  just have to increase your Confidence",

or like this, "Oh!! You didn't get the opportunity because you are lacking Confidence",

another way, "Your lack of confidence resisting you to succeed".

But my friend you must be remembered,

"Success, is not a Destination, It's a Journey !" ~ Shared by a friend 

Now ask yourself, really do you know why it is important? is it only help you to complete your work fluently? that's it ? Okay ! Okay ! Confused right ? Let's have a discussion ...

➤➤ What is Confidence and Why it is so Important ? 

Confidence this word is holding it's own importance. You can discover it's significance from the name itself. Confidence comes from a latin word 'fidere', which means "To Trust". It's actual need comes into the picture when you need to trust on somebody or even up yourself.
So, what is trust ? that we need to discuss first.

Trust is nothing but belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. it is known as trust, there are some other definitions also but the fact is accepting the truth is trust. Trust comes from the truth. If your heart is strong enough to accept the truth then my friend you won the game.

There is a very thin line between accepting the truth and believing on the truth. Some times we faced some scenarios where the situations were hard to be believe, but we do, because everybody does. Then we didn't think about it, we didn't ask ourselves, is it really true or not? But we believe because everybody does.

Here is a very major formula you need to remembered,

" I know it !   that doesn't mean,   I can do it !" ~ Subham

So, my friend throw out all those junks from your body which are resisting you to accept the truth. You just have to accept whatever you are.
"I know I'm not a handsome guy" accept it, then you can defeat your fear and that will teach you how to trust on yourself.

Now, i think it is cleared enough, what is trust. So, let me explain, how trust is related to confidence.

Trust comes from the Truth. Truth comes when you defeat your Fear. Fear helps you to be Strong. The Strong you will be the the power of 'Accepting the reality' will increase. It helps to be Practical.  And then your Confidence level will automatically increase. Confidence is something that you need when you have to keep trust on your self. So be practical to bring your confidence to next level. And the trust will teach you how to be practical.
Now, i'll share when the confidence really matters in your daily life.

  • You need confidence when You have to say No on Something.
  • You need confidence when You have to say Yes on something.
  • You need confidence when You have to overcome fear.
  • You need confidence when You have to stretch your strengths.
  • You need confidence when You have to ask for something.
  • You need confidence when You have to believe on something.
  • You need confidence when You have to speak on something.
  • You need confidence when You have to expand your knowledge.
  • You need confidence when You have to answer something.
  • You need confidence when You have to tolerate something and etc.

I think these are the enough situations of our daily life, where we need confidence. Now my dear you need to understand how your confidence level will be increased by following some simple Steps,

confidence quotes,confidence definition,confidence def,confidence meaning,confidence
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➤➤  How To Increase Your Confidence Level ?   

Finally, the most awaited point came. But my friend, I know, this is the one which you are looking for from a while. But the above discussion is also very important just like the roots of a tree. If the roots are not strong then how a tree will grow and stand ?

My friend, there is no need of making your confidence level strong, it is already. But you need to use it accordingly so that the impossible things (Which You Think Impossible) can turn into possible things simply.

"Problems are not difficult, we are the one who made it complicated." ~ Subham 

⧭ The Ways To enhance Your Confidence 

1. Breath in Some Happiness :

Need attention! The reason behind this point is nothing but expanding your vision. If you can't even realize your visions then the whole effort you put to enhance your confidence is useless. Do, the exact things you love, make yourself free, live your visions, accept the truth and the truth is, "I Can"

2. Puff out Over-thinking :

Generally, we people thinks a lot before doing any stuff. Like, "What will people say" or "What others will thinks about me". Huhhhhh !! i'm begging you please throw out these bullshits from your mind. If you got stuck into this trap called "What others think", then my friend you are facing very serious issue. Please puff-out these assumptions and concentrate on your work it will really make you delight.

3. Do not Let Yourself Alone :

Suppose, you have a very important task to do. But you have a hardly experience of  doing it and there is no option to run away. On that particular situation, your heart feels a fear inside. Which is  nothing but the 'fear of failure'. It makes your spirit weak and let you down. Then, you feel alone inside your heart. You need a support to stand up. But you didn't get one. This situation is very dangerous.

Here you have to stand beside yourself as a support. Don't think you are alone. You are not, because you are here for yourself. Instead of thinking you can't, do belief on yourself and say "I can". It will help to defeat your fear and make confidence high. 

4. Exhale Doubts :

Self-doubt is the only thing that you need to extract from your mind and throw out by the window of your head. Because, it turns vision into confusion, simple into complex and let you down into a trap of depression. So, my friend you have to do one thing, whenever the Self-doubt comes on your mind, remind my words, "I can do it, because i know how to do it."

⧭ Last but Not The List (Bonus Point) :

Do not let fear fall into your mind. Always think you are not alone because You are here for yourself. Always do remember,
"The Only Thing You have to Fear is Fear itself" ~ Collected
Hope this article is helpful for you. if you feel so please do comment to share your thoughts on it. Let me come back with a new topic to discuss, stay tuned and allow me to sign off.

confidence quotes,confidence definition,confidence def,confidence meaning,confidence
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