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Do you know what makes an attractive man?  The frequently asked question by every Guy. Many  people think that there is nothing to care about as a Man. But there are some things you should care to become more attractive.

Yes, I know everyone has there own point of view. Nobody thinks the same. But some common things are there which people loved to see in a Man. This article is all about Male Grooming, especially for Men. Let's start...

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What Makes An Attractive Man?  Let's Explore...

What To Groom and How?

Everyone wants to be an attention seeker. But we don't know what is the key that attracts others. Yes, there are some crucial points you need to remember. To become more handsome, you have to take care of some parts of your body which are responsible for your looks. They are,

1. Primary Hair ➤

Hair is the first impression that people find in you. A decent haircut usually leaves a strong impact on others. Hair is the only thing that gives a classic effect to your attire. A simple haircut can give you a lot of confidence and a perfect attitude. It helps you to build a strong personality.

You can follow some decent haircuts according to your face structure. As the classic trend of new haircuts, you can follow these styles,

Taper Fade :

It looks like slightly longer from the upper and slightly shorter from the side that slowly fades down from the back towards the neck. It means the upper portion of your hair will be a little longer than your side hairs. In back, the hair will slowly fade down towards the neck.

Low Fade :

This haircut is just similar to the upper one. But here is a small change, it will be very short from the side of your primary hair that slowly fades down towards the neck.

Under Cut :

It is a classic businessman style. It looks like a simple Taper fade model but the upper portion and the middle portion your hair will be the same and the hairs above your ears will be slightly shorter than the upper portion. On the back side, there will be no faded hairs except a simple borderline that can differ your hair from the neck.

On the other hand, you can also choose the longer hairstyle but you have to maintain your hairs by oiling twice in a week, shampoo thrice in a week and serums twice in a week. It's just a  basic hairstyle guide for you to look more attractive.

how to look handsome and attractive,how to become handsome face,what makes an attractive man,beauty tips for man face
Maintain your hairs because that is the first thing people find in you ~ Subham

2. Secondary Hairs ➤

Just like primary hairs you have to take care of your secondary hairs as well. The primary hairs are the first thing that people noticed in you but these are useless without a good secondary hair structure. So, the 2nd rule you need to follow is maintaining the secondary hairs of your body.

Except for primary hairs, there are many secondary hairs in your face and body. Like your eyebrows, mustache, beard, nose hair, ear hairs, forehead hairs. These are the most seen secondary hairs that people noticed in you. Let me give you a brief description of how to groom secondary facial hairs.

➥ Eyebrows:

Dude !! you can't image that eyebrows are the second most crucial part of your entire face. If you do not groom them it will badly affect your facial beauty. Because at the end of the day you must remember that,
Simplicity is beauty and tidiness is personality. ~ Subham
Now, how to groom eyebrows? well, there are many ways to groom but I'll share the easy ones only. First of all, make sure that you don't have any jacco brow or monobrow or unibrow or a single eyebrow. If yes, then no need to worry about, I'll help you out.

Now for the non-unibrow guys' tip no one, always do comb your eyebrows, do not let them rugged or unformed. The second tip, if you have thick eyebrows then you can use a small amount of hair-gel to form them. Tip no three, you can use small tweezers to pull out extra hairs from your eyebrows.

Now the unibrow guys, don't think that having a unibrow is a crime. No, it's not. Most of the guys are having it. But the truth is, an eyebrow looks good when it is separated from each other. So, you guys' can use your shaving kits to do it. But for the first time, I'll suggest you, take help from an expert by going to your nearby Gents Salon. So that you can maintain it, by using small tweezers.

how to look handsome and attractive,how to become handsome face,what makes an attractive man,beauty tips for man face
Groom Your Eyebrows to be more attractive ~ Subham

➥ Mustache & Beard:-

Guys, 2019 is not for the mustache. That is a very old style. You can groom your beard along with mustache that's okay but a mustache without a beard is just like wearing shoes without shocks. So, my suggestion is nothing but groom your most attractive facial hairs in a way that everyone loves to see.

It's just a protocol that people followed. Yeah I know that everyone has their own style, nobody wants to copy others. But a style is not a property of anyone. It's not about copying anyone but it's all about looking handsome. No one in this world is ugly. Everyone is beautiful and handsome, but make sure that you know how to show your beauty.

Well, let's come back to the topic. As the trend is going on you can follow some styles that can make you handsome. Like, French Cut Beard, Circle Beard (A chin patch and a mustache that forms a circle), Royal Beard (A mustache anchored by a chin strip), Goatee (A small beard that elongates the chin), etc. Well, these are some examples of Beard along with mustache. For more related styles you can follow the link.

But guys, you know what, a clean shave is more attractive. Yeah, I know about the trends. But think about it, a style of beard and mustache will come and go but the style of the clean shave is evergreen.

No! no! I'm not against you but, what I mean to say is, if you want to grow your beard and mustache then make sure that it looks clean and well-groomed, on the other hand, a clean shave is much better than growing a small amount of beard on your face, which is un-groomed, un-formed and ragged.

how to look handsome and attractive,how to become handsome face,what makes an attractive man,beauty tips for man face
Be neat and clean | untidy beard looks very unprofessional ~ Subham

➥ Other Facial Hairs:-

Other facial hairs like nose, ear, and forehead hairs also need to groom. Some people have long hairs on their ears and nose, that makes a man very unprofessional. So, my point is you have to trim them off on weekly basis.  Be neat and clean that makes you Handsome and charming. These are some tips about grooming your facial hairs. Let's move to the next part.

3. Facial and Non-Facial Skin ➤

Now it's high time to talk about the facial and non-facial skin. Well, I'm not talking about the skin color, but about your skin type. Many people have slightly darker skin because of our environment and the weather. That doesn't mean we guys are not handsome. This article is not about developing your skin color, but it'll help you to show the best version of your skin.
Now, there are basically 2 types of skin, we found. They are,

➥ Dry Skin:-

This kind of skin type is very rare. But if you have this one then you have to do some steps that will make your skin glow. Basically, dry type skins need oil to glow, because they can't hold it on the pores( The term pore is used to describe the small openings in the skin in which oil and sweat reach the surface from their respective glands below). 

When the pores become dry then the skin can not emit the extra garbage. Then, it becomes dull. To solve this issue you can use a Mild Face-wash twice a day and some Moisturizer Cream to make it oily. But make sure that you won't apply it too much.

➥ Oily Skin:-

Most of the Guys' are having oily skin for our weather and environment. But the thing is having oily skin is not bad. Every oily skin guy tried a lot to remove oil from their face. But oil is very important for the skin. You can't remove oil from face because it helps glands to emit garbage away from your skin.   
So, the oil is very important for skin but too much of oil is not good. You need to control oil on your face. So, here is a tip or procedure to remove extra oil from your face.

  •  You need to wash your face daily with a mild face wash.
  • Apply a Lifydo Face Pack twice in a week. 
  • Make the Lifydo face Pack Mixture with Multani Mitti(3 tablespoons), Turmeric(1 tablespoon), Lemon Juice( 1 tablespoon) and some amount of pure water or rose toner that creates a mild face pack.
  • Use Scarab face-wash twice in a week or on the same day you apply Lifydo Face Pack.   

➥ Non-Facial Skin:-

Usually, people think that caring of the face is enough. But it's totally wrong. You also need to take care of your body skin. Follow these simple steps to make your Non-facial Skin Glow...

  • Use a Mild Soap to clean your body every day.
  • Oil your body skin thrice in a week.
  • After taking a bath, use some Lacto Calamine to Moisturize your skin.
So these are the simple steps that you need to follow. Let's move to the next part.

how to look handsome and attractive,how to become handsome face,what makes an attractive man,beauty tips for man face
Take care of your face and Skin by applying a mild face-wash twice a day ~ Subham

4. Fragrance ➤

To become an attractive man need to make sure that you smell good. A man carries his identity by his smell. So, you need to buy some cool fragrances to smell good. You can also use deodorants instead of expensive fragrances. Here is a list of some cool fragrances...
  • Buy Davidoff Cool Water Men's Perfume @ Rs 999.
  • Buy CK One Men's Perfume @ Rs 999.
  • Buy Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume @ Rs 999.
  • Buy Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Perfume @ Rs 1399.
  • Buy Versace Pour Homme Men's Perfume @ Rs 1399.

Here is a list of some cool deodorants...

  • HELMM Deodorant
  •  Art of Sport Deodorant
  • Jack Black Antiperspirant & Deodorant
  • Oars + Alps Deodorant
  • Way Of Will Deodorant Spray

So, these are some cool products to smell good. Always remember, It feels good when you smell good. It helps to be confident. A good smell always keeps your personality strong. It usually leaves a hard impact on others.

how to look handsome and attractive,how to become handsome face,what makes an attractive man,beauty tips for man face
Your Smell is Your Identity  ~ Subham

5. Utilities ➤

So, follow the above steps to be more attractive. Being handsome is not the ultimate goal. It always floats from one's eyes to another. But the truth is only about you. Love yourself. It's high time to take care of you. Give some time to you.
Become the Best Version of Your-Self
Utilities are nothing but being tidy and sophisticated. Be a Classic man. Be Gentle. Always trim extras from you and your life. Follow the below steps to maintain tidiness...

  • Wear always neat and clean dresses.
  • Trim your extra nails off.
  • Always wear a watch.
  • Use shoes instead of sandals.
  • Keep things in the right position.
  • Don't Speak Much.
  • Always sit straight.
  • Love Yourself.
These are the Keys you need to remember. Well, it becomes a very big article hope it's helpful. If it is then please share to help others. Next time we'll meet with a new discussion. Feel free to comment and share Your Thoughts and Quotes. Thank You for Paying Attention.

how to look handsome and attractive,how to become handsome face,what makes an attractive man,beauty tips for man face
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